About us

Welcome to Breezy Ridge Alpacas LLC (BRAF). We are a small suri alpaca farm where our focus is on the fiber they produce. We raise naturally colored Suri Alpacas as well as white. We utilize every ounce of the alpaca fleece. We breed for fineness and luster for those awesome fiber products.

Suri fiber is prized for its luster, fineness, slick handle, cool feeling, drape, elegance, and strength. No other animal fiber possesses all these features, and makes Suri highly sought after worldwide.

Alpacas are easy to handle, eco friendly, and self sustainable, being sheared once a year with no harm to the animal. They do not contain lanolin therefore processing does not require the use of harsh detergents. Go Green with alpaca from start to finish. Even the beans (alpaca manure) are used to make rich soil for gardens. They only need grass pasture and good quality grass hay and small amount of alpaca grain each day and free choice minerals to give them the best health & fiber possible.

Please visit our farm store online or in person by appointment.

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