Friday, August 10, 2012

Adopt an Alpaca

Here is what you get for your 6 month adoption of $88.00
With your paid adoption you will recieve a full color photo of your alpaca.
Certificate of adoption, 1-2 skeins of handspun yarn from the fleece of the adopted alpaca. (if you want bulkier yarn then a blend of merino or cormo is preferred and will get less yardage per skein). Suri alpaca is a yarn best suited for garments that drape. Merino or cormo added in small percentage, gives more loft and memory. This can be blended at no additional charge, in natural white.
A note from your alpaca thanking you for your support and special things they like to do. (written by me in email updates)
If the alpaca you choose has not been shorn yet or if we are out of the fleece from that alpaca you may choose another color or we will hold the order until the alpaca is sheared. We shear in May each year.

You can choose from many colors as we have from white to black.
You can find our alpacas on our farm website at
Thank you