Saturday, July 28, 2012

Persistance Pays Off "Persy"

Flame had her little cria, a male born on July 18th at 14 lbs.  He had a rough start.  It wasn't mommy's fault as she was being kind and caring and wanting  him to nurse, his sac did not break and he was without oxygen for a short time (not sure as we had checked on her 1 hour earlier and all was fine with her).  He was very weak and couldn't suck or stand.  So we milked out mom and fed him the first milk as often as we could.  In between milking mom we also used some of our frozen cattle colostrum we keep on hand. Then by the end of day 2 he had started nursing from mom and by day 3 we finished supplementing with milk.  That is how he got his name.  He is doing fantastic.   Some little ones just don't make it if they don't get enough immunity from mom, but with persistance it worked for this little one.