Saturday, April 21, 2012

US Bank Golden Age Bus Tour at the Farm

This was a wonderful week here at the farm.  We had 3 days of tour groups out of St. Louis come to see the alpacas and shop the farm store.  Over 50 visitors each day.  What lovely folks they were too. 
They were all pretty happy we had a new cria (baby) to see each day. 

Day 1 and 2 were bright and sunny and all the visitors got to see the alpacas in the natural grazing enviornment.  Day 3 it rained and pretty hard.  The alpacas naturally come inside the barn when it rains and so we were able to section off groups to go down into the barn area to visit the alpacas then come back into the store area before going back to the bus.  It worked out wonderfully.  They were all so nice and were glad we were able to keep them dry.  The bus driver would walk them with the umbrella and once inside my store we were able to course them into the barn area without going outdoors as it is all connected.  (My husbands building plans and what a great plan)

They were amazed at the softness of the items made from the fleece of the animals.  They were able to stick there hands into freshly shorn fleece, yarn and finished product.  Some were true city folk and just loved the country view.

A fellow friend and fiber spinner came for the first 2 days to demonstrate spinning.  She was spinning fleece from our girl Flame, natural maroon color.  Thanks Barb for helping out!